Tuesday, April 3, 2007

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What is the difference between this and Owen Heagravess??


The Gaffer said...

Very simple... Owen Hargraves has stated his desire and dream to join ManU plus his club Bayern Munich have flirted with the idea of selling him. They have said he can leave in the summer.. during the January window they said they will sell him to ManU but it won't benefit them tax wise... Now for Christiano.. he clearly said he is happy at United and all that bullocks going on at Madrid is just a bunch of shit. They are making noise about him now because he is the best in the world at the moment. They were after Fiberglass after the CL last season... they mentioned Henry and even Gerrard. No one cares what they are talking about overthere... for me they are full of S H I T!!!!

AdeyKop said...

Send me the quotation where Ronaldo say he didnt want to go to Mardrid or Barca.

AdeyKop said...

Where in this statement did it say Ronaldo doesnt want to go?? I think the article said despite statements fron the CLUB that he is going nowhere

The Spanish giants have both been strongly linked with the 22-year-old Portugal winger, despite statements from the club that he is going nowhere. He has scored 18 goals so far this season to keep United on course for a repeat of their 1999 treble.

Red Devils director Charlton believes the player should be left alone to focus on playing for United and is becoming increasingly frustrated by other clubs refusing to back off.

"Anybody associated with Manchester United would be a little bit perturbed when a few months before the end of a very important season someone starts to make claims for him. I don't think it's correct," Charlton said.

"Ronaldo is our player and while he's under contract to us I don't think it's anybody's right to come and start the process of trying to change him into being one of their players. That is not the way to do business.

"We get cheesed off with it when we've got players under contract who are very happy with what they're doing and where they are."

The Gaffer said...

Ade, search our blog site and you will find the rest of this story there.

Manchester United ace Cristiano Ronaldo has snubbed the overtures of Real Madrid by claiming he is not a Galactico. The midfielder, recently dubbed the best player in the world by his manager Sir Alex Ferguson, has also revealed he wants to sign a new deal with the Red Devils.

Ronaldo has been heavily linked with a move to the Liga giants over recent weeks, with Spanish daily As reporting on Tuesday that Real are willing to spend 80 million euros in a bid to lure him to the Bernabeu.

But the 22-year-old's latest rebuffal is sure to put a large dent in their hopes of capturing his signature.

The Portuguese international said: "I consider myself a United footballer who is playing well and trying to help the team. If things keep going well, I want to stay here. I'm not a Galactico.

"I'm only thinking about United and I want to stay here for more than two more years," he added. "I want to leave my mark on this era, win titles and be a figure in the history of this club.