Thursday, April 5, 2007

Interview With Eric Wynalda

Say what you want, but we all know what's going to happen if you put some beers in an already outspoken man. Eric Wynalda is an outspoken man he is on beer!

"Jim Rome can suck my dick!"

I've always liked Wynalda. This interview rekindles my respect for him.


The Gaffer said...

This was an incredible interview. I didn't like some of the things he had to say during the world cup but you can appreciate a lad that doesn't keep it inside.

I will pay to watch him kick that jack ass Jim Rome's ass though. Infact I will pay anyone to kick his ass. I am not sure why that asshole is on ESPN anyway. But from the interview you can tell how intelligent Wynalda is.. If ESPN really wants to push soccer in this country they can. They will include highlights and scores etc when they do sportscenter and all the other sports related stuff that they do.

Oh well, I will watch Jim Rome this evening and see if he has the balls to comment on Wynalda the striker

Glendon said...

Of course that 'Jim Rome' (whoever the f£ùk he is) guy will not respond to an off hand interview with FulhamUSA. I wouldn't expect him to. I did like the interview though. That is exactly how interviews with sports people should be done. Beer, Booze, and Bullox. As I said, I've alway liked Eric Wynalda. I respect this kind of interview. Everybody knows when someone is bullshitting. He doesn't. RESPECT.

Christopher said...

I enjoyed reading that interview. I hope Donovan reads that shit throughly and thinks about what he says. I would also pay to see Eric blow Rome up...ESPN should let Wynalda write a weekly column in their magazine..