Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sir Fergie Vents

Manchester United Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson gives us a peice of his mind.

"Then Alex Ferguson let fly at German ref Herbert Fandel after United had to cling on with 10 men for nearly an hour following Scholes’ two yellow cards.

Boss Fergie said: “I have no complaints about Paul Scholes’ first booking. But in a big game a good ref would not have sent him off after that second challenge.”

Fergie also blasted Roma’s Cristian Chivu for encouraging Fandel to give Scholes his marching orders.

He rapped: “Chivu got him sent off.

“The referee told us before the game that any player trying to get another booked would be dismissed. But that was not the case.”

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AdeyKop said...

Fcuk Fergie, He also admit it was two yellow's what does he want the ref to do, sure the Roma player shouldnt have pressure the ref. but instead of focusing on the action, typical Fergie focusing on the reaction. I suppose what Fergie wants is Chivu to get a red and Thug Scholes stays on the pitch, I have always maintained that EPL thuggery doesnt cut it in Europe.

Glendon said...

Hard play definitely doesn't cut it in Europe.