Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Heh, Heh, Heh!

"(Luciano) Spalletti was asked if he would have done anything differently at Old Trafford after Roma's worst ever result in European competition. "I would've stayed at home!

On another note, let me pose a question to our readers. Who is Manchester United going to face in the Semis? Who would you rather face?

I have a feeling Munich is going to win at home tonight. Danny vanBuyten's last minute match tying goal did wonders for the Germans to see their way to the final four. I cannot wait! I love this time of year!

UPDATE: It seems I was wrong on that Bayern Munich vs. AC Milan match. Bayern are down 2 - 0 at the moment and do not seem like coming back.


The Gaffer said...

Well not much to choose from but we got AC Milan as expected. I also wanted them.
For one reason only I wanted the Germans out.. becos of the calous ref that did the first leg of our tie with Roma. But then the Italians and their scandals. I didn't want any teams left in the competition from Italy.

Somehow every year AC Milan always seem to be involved somehow in the road to the finals. The winning English side always seem to have to knock of two Italian sides also. Hope the pattern stays the same and ManU become triumphant in the CL this year. I have been saying it all year it is our turn!!!