Friday, April 20, 2007

Now I'm Pissed!!

All this pathetic shrining from short-minded easily excited neophytes about Messi's goal???!!!!

Good God, how little football do people know????

Erm, reminds you of Maradonna? Well, let me give you a REALITY CHECK: Maradonna's goal REMINDS me of Saeed Al Owaran's goal against Belgium in the 1994 World Cup!! Yes, Saeed's goal was waaaayyy better: he actually run through defenders who ATTEMPTED to tackle him, versus Diego who was ESCORTED in by the RAF!!!

I guess because Saeed isn't an Argentine midget, the shallow will overlook that.

You want to see a GOALASO? Type in Quaresma in You Tube, sit back, and learn a little football.

CONSISTENTLY scoring from diagonal edge of 18 with outside foot curlers that beat goalies.

Try to appreciate that and then let's have a chat about shrining Goalasos, and quit bothering me with fucking Argentine midgets.


The Gaffer said...

Very well said sir... and to consider the stage and importance of the match in which Said scored that goal Messi's goal is not that big a deal. Oh as a matter of fact we shouldn't even go as far as comparing him to those two that did it on the worldcup stage... I remember TH14 and RVN scoring better goals in the recent years in the EPL where they've taken the ball from their own half and running against the field and then scoring.
I am not down playing Messi's skills or speed but please ease up with him being the best player in the world. I still say Christiano will do it in the EPL before the season is over... and yeah that reminds me that Ibrahimovich scoring a far better goal than Messi's.

Glendon said...

Goal of the Week! at least.
Oh that Ibrahimovic goal when he did everybody in the box and slotted home was a nice one.

The Youth Coach said...

They did a split screen of Messi/Maradona and truth be told, it was just eerily alike the points from where they took off, the angles of the runs, and the finishes. About 90pc exact match.

AdeyKop said...

WHATEVER. If that was Rooney.. He ll be the best player in the world. Getover yourselves.