Monday, April 23, 2007

Adidas is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Copa Mudial. I've always, along with many others, have loved this boot and it served me well throughout the years (as well as the Diadora "Brasil"...I think, no, I'm positive, I've bagged more goals with the Diadora, though this is not a post about philosophy or theology...y'all know what I'm on about...nevertheless, I digress). Check it out and grab some unique goods! They even have the Copa Mundial and World Cup in flats now! I've got to grab some of those.

UPDATE: If anyone is interested I found the World Cup kicks here a bit cheaper. They have them in all black and all white too. I dig them both! Who am I kidding...I dig them all! I also would love to be about 10 years younger and sporting these 7406's! are the finest boots I've seen in quite a while. These Profi's are quite classic and nice too (although they do not seem to have them in black.

What are your favorite boots or shoes?


The Youth Coach said...

Copas forever... my club is sponsored by Diadora and they make the cheapest crap that falls apart so fast it's ridulous. My money always goes to Adi Dassler...