Thursday, April 5, 2007

Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

Champions League Highlights.
I did not see the match, but it looks like Christiano Ronaldo made the Italians look like fools. I know he does it in England but, I haven't seen him do it on a European scale. The funny thing is he is so damn fast and the defending players have a good idea of what he wants to do but they cannot react fast enough. It only takes a step here and a step there and Ronnie is GONE! It's like playing the shell game with some goofballs in Rio! You don't stand a chance! Ta-Dah....gone!


The Gaffer said...

The phrase "catch me if you can" comes to mind.. I was cracking up this morning when I read what Panucci had to say about Ronny...

"If he takes off with the ball you will never catch him," said the former Italy international.

"You could compare him to motorcycling world champion Valentino Rossi. If I was given the same engine as him then perhaps I could catch him."

Glendon said...

That is definitely a compliment. Your Ronny is a brilliant player my friend. Consider yourself lucky. Every team is lucky on their own year. Last year was Arsenal with Fabregas. 2005 I think Carragher came into himself or maybe Blackburn's Morten Gamst Pedersen.
There is always one outstanding player in the Premiership. This year, you have the outstanding player in Europe. As I said...consider yourself lucky. SAF and his team found a diamond in the rough.