Thursday, April 12, 2007

'Deflection' Frank Speaks

While Abromovich was not in Valencia, Spain the other night as he had 'business' to tend to (read wooing the new missus on the French Riviera. I do not blame him by the way!). Chelsea were getting their business done in Spain. The London lads must have had a fine siesta on Tuesday as they pulled out an important win at the bitter end or perhaps their bitter ends! All of this and JoMo is still on the 'hot seat'! Here is what 'Deflection' Frank has to say,

"He is one of the best in the world and I don't see many better than him out there. I am fortunate enough to work with him every day and have a very good relationship with him. I love working with the man.

"He is the focal point and leader of our group so the things he does make a big, big difference.

"Of course the players have to go out and perform but the manager is fantastic.

"Huge credit to him for what he did in Valencia. You can't talk highly enough about the moves he makes because many times they work for us."

I agree. I think Jose Mourinho is a very cohesive part of that super-star studded squad. He will be missed at Stamford Bridge and it will be a spell before they achieve the ranks Jose did. Mark these words.