Thursday, April 12, 2007

The British 'Nanny State' Weasles it's way into Football

UEFA warns Manchester United fans to cut back on alcohol consumtion before the match. Are you kidding me? Tell me I didn't just read this! Last time I looked the E.U. was a proper Democracy. Perhaps not the finest one, but a Democracy nonetheless. UEFA have no right to put this out in public or even to request such a thing. Perhaps they should move to Russia and concentrate their money and influence there? It would make for a more molded setting as they are used to tyranny. UEFA is a disgrace!

If they dealt with the hooligan problem and participants at hand, this wouldn't be a problem. No, instead they feel it is better to issue statements and perhaps try to regulate rules and matches through local courts (as we saw in Italy), which resulted in non-enforcable sanctions. Not to mention the murder of a local Catania policeman. UEFA didn't enforce any of the penalties placed upon the clubs and one person was killed so far. I think the fair question is, why? Why have NONE of the UEFA penalties been enforced? Why were local courts paid off to overturn UEFA sanctions? Why? No answers right? UEFA is a disgrace!

They were paid off of course! They will not enforce any of these penalties. Not a single one. Even against racism in Spain. Racism in Spain and Italy is on par with hooliganism in Italy. No? Both have been festering for a while now. Absolutely nothing has been done about either one. UEFA is a disgrace!

I think Italian teams should be kicked out of UEFA, the same way English teams were after the Heysel Stadium wreck. I realise not as many people died...yet, but is that what UEFA are waiting for? I do not know. Hopefully, Platini will sort things out. I'm glad to see a footballer in the high-chair, but I also know the influence of the Euro on people. All in all one thing can be said...UEFA is a disgrace!