Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Scoop (Rumour Mill)

Raul may make a free switch to Liverpool...I'm not the biggest fan of Raul but if Rafa can seal the deal for 'free'...Fuggedabowit!

Is Harry Kewell going to make his 2007 debut finally?

Will James Vaughan play again this season after a severed artery against Bolton? Even though he is young, this is a disaster for him. How many people sever an artery on the football pitch? Yikes!


AdeyKop said...

Nah we dont need Raul, he ll be like Morietes.... not physically strong enough for the EPL. Get Eto
+ Tevez and you have a winning formula... Getting all these freebies only work when you ain to finish 3rd or 4th. To win, you need to be able to get your top striker.

Glendon said...

Yeah but who wouldn't take Raul on a Freebie? We will and may fit in just fine too. He's not the man we need to fill the hole but he'll fill Robbie's place just fine (if he's willing to play second fiddle.)

The Gaffer said...

Damn Scoucers... you love to dream. You will get neither Eto, Raul or Tevez because all you aim for is 3 or 4th place..

Glendon said...

We will end up with Tevez. Perhaps Raul, but we will not pay for him. Tevez will be in Red though. Eto'o can go where he wishes if he leaves Barca, but I do not see him leaving there anyhow.