Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Scoop (Rumour Mill)

Roman to offer Jurgen Klinsmann £7M to head Chelsea? Der Kaiser says, "Ja, ja!"

Rafael Benitez refused Real Madrid yet again. Real Madrid are like that annoying kid kicking the backside of your seat making loads of useless noise in an airplane.
Benitez is also dangling a £13M carrot in front of Benfica for Simão Sabrosa.

Arsene Wenger had his eyes on Didier Drogba years ago, when he was young...of course.

Mikel Arteta is keeping his options open. I would too if I played for Everton!

Silvio Berlusconi has set aside £67M, underneath his bed in a shoebox...maybe a Vespa boot box, in undocumented smuggled notes and forged bonds, for Ronaldinho.

Javier Saviola is now being linked to Espanyol. I personally would prefer to see him at Liverpool. That probably goes without saying though. Especially, if Barca land Palacio. If that is the case, Gudjohnson and Saviola will probably be looking for first team matches. I have a feeling he may be in a Liverpool kit next season, especially if the price is right. Rafa is watching...I guarantee.
Barca also have this kid in their striker ranks...ladies and gentlemen, Giovanni Dos Santos (Hat tip to SF&S for the link and video)