Saturday, April 28, 2007

ManU gets one hand on their 9th EPL Title

What a day I must say... it was brilliant. First I will like to call out the so called soccer analysts or pundits who continously bet against ManU, keep it up and we will continue to prove you wrong. Bobby McMahon and the other clowns at Fox Soccer Channel who think Manchester United will give up the title they have worked so hard for all season can forget it now. You can join your mate Jose Mourinho and cry all you want about calls or what not. Nick Gerber you know I am talking about you.

Saturday April 28th, Manchester United kick off against Everton at Goodison Park and Chelsea kick off at the same time against Bolton Wonderers... I was watching the ManU match and lost it when our make shift defense again gave up a calous free kick and ever so shaky Van da Sar got fooled by the Carrick deflection. As ManU looked lost and not really able to break down the Everton bus that was parked in front of the goal (stole that line from JoMo) I started getting frustrated and very early in the match SAF was on the touch line also yelling instructions. I took a quick peek at the Chelsea match and Bolton was leading by a goal.. I thought won't this be crazy if both teams dropped 3 points today. Well back to the ManU game and things weren't getting any better and a quick phone call from a mate alerted me that Chelsea was now up 2 goals to 1 on a Salmon Kalou double... my heart started pounding and the camera's kept showing Christano Ronaldo on the bench... I was yelling put him in now.

Second half starts and ManU look a bit in the mood to pull this back but a gap in the ManU defense let Fernandez through and he scored a spectacular second goal for Everton. I was losing it at this point. Screaming and singing R-o-n-a-l-d-o... well SAF instead brings on Richardson who for the first time actually kept his cool and played well. We started attacking Everton and I knew eventually we will put the ball in the net. A silly error from the keeper let John O'Shea through and he pulled one back for United.. once the flood gates opened you knew it was going to be a nightmare for Everton now.. Wazza came close a few times but Ronaldo with another powerful header caused another own goal and Philip Neville helped us. ManU continued and they searched for the winner, you knew if anyone wanted it Wazza was the one. He put United ahead for 3 - 2 and a quick peek at the Chelsea match showed Bolton had equalized. I was dancing at this point. With ManU up 3 - 2 the only thing to do was watch the Chelsea match. 4 mins stoppage time in the Chelsea match almost gave me an ulcer.. I have watched Chelsea score in the last minute several times this season but they couldn't today and Manchester pulled off the win. It may be the win that gets us the title.. I still maintain that we will go to Stamford Bridge and beat Chelsea there so all you pundits who keep picking against ManU and you will have to wear a treble jersey when it is all done.


AdeyKop said...

Just always remember this guy is a Hero to some people.... So u need to be careful before the light hearted start to throw the baby out of the pram....
Man U are deserved winners.