Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Emphatic ManU romp on to the Semi Finals

Tuesday April 10th.. at Old Trafford the theatre of dreams an energetic and inspired Manchester United played their Champions League opponent out of England. A performance that may go down in history as one biggest defeats for a Roma side that came in looking to score just one goal after winning 2 goals to 1 in Rome against a 10 man Manchester United team.

With a full house of 79,000 fans the Manchester faithfuls were singing in volumes and the Roma counterparts were a wee bit quiet especially after a slight clash with the greater Manchester United police outside the stadium before hand. To the surprise of everyone SAF named a couple of starters no one expected in Alan Smith to partner Wazza upfront and Darren Fletcher to partner Michael Carrick in the middle. Right away you knew the defense was playing inspired football with the energy buzzing. You could just tell there was something in the air and it will be a brilliant day for Manchester United. Roma knew they needed to get a goal early to keep the ManU faithfuls quiet but the were caught off guards with the pace of the game and the incredible energy shown by the United players. Alan Smith ran a ball down from one side line to the other while Darren Fletcher seemed to man mark Totti and keep the Forzzi Italia star in his pocket. The majestic Michael Carrick was given space in the middle to pull strings and Ryan Giggs notcied that too so he moved center... pulling passes from all over the park and increasing the pace of the game soon enough after a brilliant run from the arguably the best player on the planet at the moment Christiano Ronaldo... Michael Carrick found enough space to put the ball past the Roma Keeper Doni.. who was left rooted to the ground. It was the start United needed as they kept the pace and soon enough Alan Smith found himself alone after a brilliant pass from Ryan Giggs... 2 - 0 ManU. You could at that point see the fear in the Roma players. In a few minutes afterwards Rooney gets a third goal for ManU to go up 3 - 0. It was pretty much over for the Roma team. They still tried and worked hard to get back into the match but everytime ManU went forward they put all sorts of pressure on the Roma back four that was in question before the match started anyway.

At the end of the day it was a brilliant performance from a ManU team that just lost to lowly Portsmouth FC on Saturday. If I were a fan of Roma I will sue Portsmouth for beating ManU this past weekend. It was a very good match to see if you were a ManU fan and a fan of attacking football. The player of the match could have gone to a number of people but for me I will hand it to Darren Fletcher for the work his did defensively on Totti and others disrupting their offense as Roma tried to mount any pressure on the United back four.

ManU 8 Roma 3

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surprisingly... yes Darren Fletcher gets the nod.