Monday, April 16, 2007

FA Cup Final... ManU vs Chelsea @ Wembley

The stage has been set for a dream first FA Cup finals in the new Wembley stadium that grand stage for football in the world. The FA must be happy and laughing their way to the bakery as they get a dream stage for arguably two of the best team in the league right now going to play for the finals of the most prestigious open tournament in football ( in my biased English opinion).

You have to fancy what Manchester United has done this season with producing results and playing extremely entertaining football while they are at it. When you play them you know you are going to conceed it is just a matter of how many and how soon the dazzling open field antics of amazing players like Christiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs etc will take to open the heart of your defense up. If you have to say there are any weaknesses about the Manchester United side it will be that they have a goalkeeper who is not very confident right now and they are missing key players in their defense but the depth of the team has kept them rolling and I think they have that belief that they are not going to be stopped this season. They handed Watford a beating yesterday even with a make shift defense and you can see that the Watford team was trying extremely hard but they were just out classed by the talent and skill of the ManU players.

Chelsea on the other hand have the never die attitude but I am not convinced that they deserved the win they got today but that is football. I listened to Sparky after the match and he felt his team deserved to be in the finals because they made Chelsea look very ordinary in the second half and I will say they actually did. They outplayed Chelsea in the second half and where United lacks confidence right now is where Chelsea thrive the most. Peter Cech is showing why he is the best goal keeper in the league. He kept his team in and you knew that eventually Blackburn will get tired and Chelsea will get a goal to win it. That was the story today... How many times have we seen Chelsea against the ropes and such studs like Cavallho and Essien dig them out with superb efforts.

Nevertheless it will be a very entertaining finals on the 26th of May and we'll see if it is the entertaining style of Manchester United that comes through or the boring do what you have to to get a result that works for Chelsea. I can say this though... this may go down as one of the more historical finals we've seen in a while just like the EPL and Champions League. Too bad the did the new tv deal last year... if they did it this year they would have gotten so much more as the quality of football is booming right now in England.

My prediction for the finals is ManU 3 - Chelsea 1.