Sunday, April 1, 2007

McClaren: I won't go

Read the end. If that's the best the man can do for a team talk, I understand much better what all you English folks are ranting about!


Jordan Oye Oyediran said...

Like we would be sad if he decides to quit! I think it will just solve everyone's headaches. He is not a motivator that is why the team performs at 40%.. you see these players play week in and week out with their clubs and are effective and performing in 80 - 100%.. The fact that McLaren can't get them to play at that same level means he is not the man for the job.
I am sick of people blaming the quality of talent 'cos it is there. U want to tell me if Big Phil, JoMo, Hiddink, Wenger or SAF gets hold of the English National team we will have the squad playing like they are currently?? Part of the job of being coach is to motivate your players and get them performing at a very high standard. I am sick of McStupid and I want him gone.
Watch he is going to come chatting and bragging in the press until the next match when England struggles again then his arse will be up in smoke!