Tuesday, April 3, 2007

AC Milan vs. Bayern Munich Live Commentary

AC Milan 2 - 2 Bayern Munich
Here we go again folks. They are not playing the Liverpool vs. PSV match on TF1, therefore I'm stuck with this one. So that means you are too. The match will start at 20:45 and I'll be on board.
AC Milan
Dida, Maldini, Nesta, Oddo, Ambrosini, Gattuso, Kaka, Jankulovski, Pirlo, Seedorf, Gilardino
Bayern Munich
Rhensing, Lahm, Lucio, Sagnol, van Buyten, Hargreaves, Ottl, Salihamidzic, Schweinsteiger, Makaay, Podolski

As the players are getting ready to walk onto the pitch, the San Siro and it's 70,000 people are jumping in unison. Campione, campione...blah blah blah...

1min: Kick off; Bayern Munich are in the all white strip and AC Milan are in the classic red and black strip.
2 min: Ooooooohhhhh, Seedorf almost tapped in a cross from the left side. Just missed it. Milan are attacking right to left and the opposite is true for Bayern.
4 min: Free kick on the left for Milan...straight into the wall. Bayern come straight back, against the run of play for a shot wide of the Milan net.
7 min: Bayern are playing a nice bit of 'keep away' much to the chagrin of the Milan faithful.
11 min: Bayern are definitely settled. They are touching the ball well. They are only lacking on the finishing far. Although, Milan definitely has had the best chance so far.
12 min: Schweinsteiger takes a shot from 30 yards right into Dida's open arms.
14 min: Ooooooohhhhhh, head ball from a corner right on goal from Ambrosini! Reaction save from Rhensing, the Bayern backup goalkeeper. Beautiful save of a sure goal. He's obviously been taking some pionters from 'Der Affe'
20 min: The left side of: Lahm, Schweinsteiger, and Podolski for Bayern looks very dangerous and they use it alot.
22 min: Lousey cross from Gilardino on the right side to Seedorf on the left that amounts to a goal kick.
23 min: Oooooooohhhhhh, Ottl drops a 30 bomb off the crossbar. Dida tips it over the bar. That is all he could expect to do with that one.
26 min: Seedorf breaks in from the left side to have a shot wide of the net.
28 min:
Salihamidzic, all alone just outside of the box, doesn't take a second touch and blasts it like he lost his footing...but he didn't.
30 min: Ottl takes another long shot with a bit of dip on it. Training ground stuff (with his kid) for Dida.
33 min: Salihamidzic earns a yellow card for a late challenge.
35 min: Bayern are knocking the ball about the box with Heargraves as The Marshall. Ooooohhhhhh, Milan break down the right side and the centering cross to Gilardino, who was inside the six, heads the ball at goal and somehow Rhensing got his hand to knock it over the bar. Holy Smokes that was a GREAT save!
40 min: Kaka was brought down in the box, but no penalty. GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL!!! From the resulting corner; a bit of bounce and passing about. Pirlo on the left side of the six gets his head onto an Oddo cross from 30 yards on the right side over the outstreched hands of Rhensing. Nice goal! AC Milan 1 - 0 Bayern Munich
45 min: Toot, toot, toot! Halftime. Nice match so far. On a side note, I see Steven Gerrard put my Liverpool ahead at the 27th minute in a breezy Eindhoven this evening. Liverpool 1 - 0 PSV Eindhoven
45 min: As Dida is doing his calisthenics in his goal, we start the second half. Look for Bayern to thow some attack into this half as they really need to grab at least one away goal.
48 min: Podolski puts a useless cross/shot into Dida. Wasted effort.
50 min:Bayern Munich are trying too hard at the moment. They are launching long balls in the Milan end only for Nesta and Maldini to gobble them up and regain control.
52 min: Milan are playing some Italian keep away at the moment. You may ask yourself, why is it 'Italian' keepaway?...Answer; because they are Italian. 'Honk!'Gillardino also got himself a yellow card for shooting the ball into the goal after he was called 'offside'.
54 min: Ooooooohhhhhhh, Kaka missed a tap in as Rhensing came out to scare the 'HooHaa' out of him. You just know Kaka was thinking he was going to get smashed. Rhensing pulled up at the last second and the ball went a bouncin' by both of them. Bayern Munich are in good hands (pun fully intended) with this Rhensing kid. He's really solid in the net.
Riise bagged a 25 yard rocket. Liverpool 2 - 0 PSV
62 min: Nothing much going on at the moment. A bunch of back and forth between the teams. Nothing impressive though. It's as if they are getting re-settled into the match.
64 min: Ooooooohhhhhh, Just as soon as I say that, Kaka comes through the Bayern defense and passes off to Gilardino who loses it in front of net. Then Bayern come back and Makaay tries to beat Nesta to go in on the Milan goal but throws his hands in the air as if he was fouled. Bad striker, bad, bad, sriker!
66 min: Ooooooohhhhhh, Oddo comes into the Bayern box on the right side and volleys a cross just over Rhensings goal. That would have been making the YouTube rounds tomorrow if it went in.
Peter Crouch heads home a Finnan cross! Liverpool 3 - 0 PSV
68 min: Substitution; Sagnol, out (injury); Lell, in. Podolski, out; Pizzaro, in
72 min: Substitution; Gilardino, out; Inzaghi, in. After the switch Lell and Pizarro link up for a shot on the Milan goal. Dida saves with ease.
75 min: 30 yards out on his touchline, Lell tries an outswinging pass to Pizzaro on the left side of the field. Dida pulls it out of mid air.
78 min: GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL! An all attacking Bayern Munich grab their goal. Lell launched another hanging cross in from the rightside. Pizzaro nicked it only for it to roll to the feet of the charging van Buyten to tap it in past a grounded Dida. AC Milan 1 - 1 Bayern Munich
80 min: Lell puts another glorious cross into the middle for Schweinsteiger to get his head to it and out off a Milan defender. Corner. Hargreaves takes it to Schweinsteiger who puts this one over the bar with his head.
83 min: Oooooh Kaka tore past Lucio on the left side and is taken down in the box! Penalty! van Buyten is discussing too much and earn himself a yellow card. Kaka to take the penalty...GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!! Kaka places it right and Rhensing went left. AC Milan 2 - 1 Bayern Munich
86 min: Substitutions; Seedorf, off; Gourcuff, on; Jankulovski, off, Kaladze, on; Makaay, off; Roque Santa Cruz, on
88 min: Schweinsteiger launches a daisycutter just past the goal. That was a rocket shot about 4 inches off the pitch.
90 min: Ooooooohhhhh, Inzaghi was released on the right side only for Rhensing to claim the ball at the top of his box.
93 min: GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL! Lell puts yet another ball into the danger zone and it bounces to a lonely van Buyten on the left side all alone to blast a half volley past Dida! Toot, toot, toot! The referee blows the whistle as he sets the ball in the center. Daniel van Buyten just stole another away goal at the whistle! AC Milan 2 - 2 Bayern Munich
Wow! That was exciting. I see looking over 'Philips Stadion' way Liverpool beat PSV with ease. Liverpool 3 - 0 PSV. Those are three very important away goals for the 'Pool. Bayern earned themselves 2 very important away goals tonight in Milan as well. They will fancy their chances nip this one going back home next week. That Lell in for Sagnol was a hell of a substitution for zee Germans. He turned the match upside down. He put long crosses into his strikers every single time he got the ball and snatched two goal through van Buyten (who is not a striker by the way but a defensive midfielder). Nice.


AdeyKop said...

Liverpool had a good game, 3-0 away, They ll have to come to Anfield and score...LOL, Never say never....

Glendon said...

I don't think PSV will beat us by 3 goals at Anfield. I just don't see that one happening.

The Gaffer said...

Glendawg.. very well done with the Bayern Millan match. Just got done watching the late broadcast. I read through your play by play very impressive.

Liverfool looked a side today. They beat PSV from start to finish. Regardless of the fact that they were missing some key players it was a beat down which looked like a part 2 of the beat down that started on Saturday

The Youth Coach said...

I second the Gaffer - great job (again) Glendon. One wonders if you haven't had a bit of journalistic training in your life with that work?

Glendon said...

Thanks boys, like I said before, it's alot of fun. No jounalist training either! I hope there is going to be a part four beatdown after their match this weekend. It can't hurt, although, I think we've got a semi-final booking.