Monday, May 14, 2007

So, as a Liverpool supporter, I have to swallow my tongue and feelings and give a ‘big up’ to Manchester United (I still hate them though). I would also like to give props to West Ham for overcoming all their difficulties and actually ‘winning’ their way to staying up. A couple of weeks ago, West Ham staying in the Premiership was not a big deal. Today though…well frivolous lawsuits are waiting in the wings. Nevertheless, they actually earned their stay in the Premiership, with the win over Manchester United.

Sheffield United has been relegated and Wigan actually made it by the hair of their ‘chinny chin chin’ with a goal in the closing minutes. Just a fantastic day for the Premiership all in all, I would have to say.

It is a shame to see Charlton Athletic making way. My question is, where will Darren Bent end up? Will he end up in a “Top 4 Team” or will he end up with a lesser tabled team? He, Darren Bent and Carlos Tevez (if he doesn’t leave West Ham) would make an AMAZING strike force. Comparable to a Drogba/Shevchenko combo, if you would ask me…although I know you wouldn’t so I will just give my opinion anyhow...hooo haaa!

All in all, I'm glad West Ham stayed up. I, personally, could give a rat's ass about Sheffield United. Good on ya West Ham!