Wednesday, May 2, 2007

AC Milan 3 - 0 Manchester United

AC Milan are through to the Champions League Finale in Athens. I really wanted Manchester United to make it through to make it an 'all-English' Finale, but no such luck this year.

In the first leg of this tie, Manchester United showed 'a touch of class' coming back from behind at the first half. While Dida showed 'a touch of madness' when Rooney put that beauty of a last minute strike into the back of the netting. Things worked out well for United last week. Today, on the other hand was a complete different story. The rain was pissing from the heavens at the opening of the match which made for massive amounts of sloppy play for both sides. Kaka was the first to capitalize on the nonchalant play with a brilliant strike from the top of the box into United's side netting while Manchester defenders were lunging for a re-direction, to no avail.

The second goal was, well, stupid. Gabby Heinze made a nonsensical pass to Vidic way back in his own end. With sloppy weather and all, that was just a REALLY POOR, and costly mistake to make at that stage of the match. Needless to say, Milan shoved the mistake down their throat to take utter control of the match. It was now Milan's to lose, which with Italians and their defensive minds, do not give into easily.

The third goal, by Gillardino, was a result of Manchester United pushing too far forward and getting caught on the counter attack with ZERO defenders around him. Well taken goal from the substitute.

All in all, this was not a 'sexy' match. Much like yesterday...the better team prevailed on the night.

As always...highlights will be posted when I find them.


Anonymous said...

I'm really down when watched this morning match between MU an Milan...what a stupid game from Man U...They only need draw to go to the finale...but unfortunately they lost again to Milan...

I thought Man U can win treble like 1999...but they failed...

The Gaffer said...

I hear you loud and clear mate.. I was wishing on the same as well but with that make shift defense it was always going to be tough. Milan did the business and locked us out... We will do much better next year as the team will be more mature now that they have come this close.