Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Platini makes a very interesting proposal to change the game

I think his ideas are very interesting... it may be the solution to using electronics but i don't fancy the idea of throwing flags like it is done in American football. I know as a ref on corner kicks I usually stand off the field so you get a good view of the players.. so perhaps if you have someone right there on the line they will catch most of the things that happen in the penalty box. There is also the human touch to football... the ref is simply part of the game. Look at how many matches we have talked about bcos of the ref.. if we take that away I am not sure how much controversy or drama will be left and drama sells.

New UEFA president Michel Platini is ready to revolutionise the 'outmoded' world of refereeing by using two more officials in each match.

Platini, who was elected to office in January, wants to put an official behind each goal to help rule on penalty box infringements.

The former France attacking midfielder believes that would be better than using technology, which he claims would 'dehumanise' football.

'My idea is to increase the number of officials,' he told France Football. 'To referee with just three people, it is outmoded. Three officials cannot see everything.

'I am proposing two extra officials, over-45s who don't need to run because they would stay behind the goals. We must show the world that we are against injustice and that we are trying to do more to eliminate errors.

'As for using electronic systems, that risks dehumanising football.'

Platini believes the sport should take a leaf out of American football's book, and use officials who highlight infringements by throwing a flag on to the field of play.

'Why not take the example shown by American football, who uses referees aged 60 or over, who signal fouls with their yellow flag,' he added.


Glendon said...

I think this might be ok. Test it in the MLS.

The Youth Coach said...

What, MLS are the lab rats for the world to experiment with now?? Screw that - make Italy do it for cheating so damn much. Maybe then only a couple of teams could pay them off!