Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Did JoMo Resign yet?

Today, he lost the plot...SWP and Robben on the bench that long????

Hell, even the dumb Spaniard started Pennant and Crouch - who mind you did nothing.


AdeyKop said...

He is a dumb spanish? HA HA HA, Well i suppose you are the only one in the world that think so..

Rafa for Prime Minster. If your manager was coaching instead of running his mouth about Liverpool and Ronaldo.. You might be on your was to Athens... oh, did you get your FREE flag in the mail?? Where was Roman, couldnt be bothered to come and watch?? bored already?

Glendon said...

JoMo told Rafa to play the 2 meter guy and use the wings...

The Gaffer said...

I beg to differ.. I think Pennant was quite effective, Crouch I don't think got the service he needed but he jumped over Ferrera and Essien for a header that Cech saved. I agree that JoMo didn't plan well for the match the team look uninspired and never looked a chance of getting something from the match.

I am starting a campaign for Big Sam to Stamford Bridge.