Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Scoop

Yesterday's 'Scoop' was finally on target when we stated that the much sought after defender, Gareth Bale, was on his way to Tottenham Hotspur. It looks like that is so at the moment. Personally, I thought he was on his way to Manchester United. Now, with these developments, I suppose Pascal Chimbonda will make that move to Chelsea we've been reading about.

West Ham United have sealed a major deal. They secured Israeli midfielder, Yossi Benayoun, to a new five-year deal. Now to get on with the rest of the boys and don't carbon copy the disaster year they had this year.

I cannot find an article to link to yet, but I hear that Bayern Munich have sealed a deal with Olympique Marseilles for Franck Ribery for a deal around
€15M, which seems to me a bit low for such a sought after player. Let's wait and see. I'll post the link when I find one.
UPDATE: I found an article in Bild, but it is in German and it's not the final deal...yet. Stay tuned to Footballroundtable for updates on this surprising transfer. Here is a picture with the news as well.
UPDATE II: Here is an article, although not a 'reliable' source. If this works out we will officially have two "for real...SCOOPS!" I like that. The first one, which has not happened just yet is Rodrigo Palacio to Barcelona (it's going to happen, just watch...if not I'll say I was wrong) and now Franck Ribery to Bayern Munich (I know this is kind of last minute, but I like that as I'm a betting man by nature.) Let's hope we get it right!

Rafa is stepping up his interest in bringing Samuel Eto'o to Merseyside. I've said before that I'm no big fan of the boy, but he does know how to put the ball in the back of a Spanish net. I could be convinced if he could put it in the back of an English net. I'm still reluctant, but I can be convinced.

'Arry Redknapp wants to poach two, well, I should say, both Middlesbrough strikers, Aiyegbeni Yakubu and Mark Viduka. I'm not too sure how they are going to respond to that? I do see 'Arry is not talking about transfers, but actually DOING them. Look for Pompey to secure a UEFA Cup spot next season. Who would have thought two years from promotion they would be a European contender?

Arsene Wenger is offering a 'two-for-one' deal to Athletico Madrid for striker Fernando Torres. Freddie Ljungberg and Aleksander Hleb will be offered in the transfer. They should have taken Baptista and put him in there instead of Freddie, as he is a bit older and injury proned these days. Freddie should take a full-time gig with Calvin Klein and ride the wave until it diminishes.


The Gaffer said...

I also thought for sure Bale was headed to Old Trafford but stranger things have happened. Rumours is that ManU is after one of this three Berbetov, Torres or Eto'o. It will be very interesting to see which one goes up North. I love this time of the year because you get to wake up every morning and read the rumours in the newspaper and you dream..
Classic example today the Sunday Mail reports ManU is about to table 25Mil for Eto'o and then you read The Sunday Mirror and Samuel Eto'o is keen on joining Liverfool. I love it... love it.