Monday, December 10, 2007

The Scoop

Both Chelsea and Manchester United are reportedly in for Spanish/Valencia striker, David Villa during this January transfer window. I realize Valencia are in the doldrums these day, but if they sell their number one player, I really don't see them vying for La Liga this year. Perhaps Koeman is on a "long-term" project and he knows that he can get alot of quality Spanish players for the money David Villa would bring into the club? That may be the right and smart thing to do?

I don't know how this is going to work, because "Hard as Nails, Metrosexual©" currently wears the number 7 shirt for Chelsea, no? If I were David, I would be worried. Sike! I'm also pretty sure that he's not going to nick Cristiano Ronaldo's shirt at the moment. Watch him end up at Liverpool with Fernando Torres. I bet Harry Kewell will give him his shirt! Now that would be deadly!

Barcelona's guv'nas are split on the bid Chelsea have placed on Ronaldinho. I suspect they are hedging their bets on getting more money from the Russian. As usual, I'm sure I'm right on this one too.

Ricardo Quaresma has turned down a £15M move to Tottenham. I really don't blame him. He's better off staying at Porto than making a move to Tottenham. C'mon, he's not going to bolster his value by making a move to Tottenham. Is he?