Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bonne Soir

Tonight, the Reds, who actually were wearing Black, ran rampant through Stade Velodrome with a comfortable 4-0 victory over the mid-table French side. Unfortunately, last time we lost 1-0 to the Southern French side at Anfield. That is unheard of, but so was our 2-1 loss to Besiktas.

There are no excuses for those results. Anyhow, we upped our UCL goal tally to 16-1 in our final three Champions League matches to make it into the last 16 of the Champions League! I tell you what! I don't know what has been going through Rafa's head, but I know that he knows his top 11. I mean what the hell was he doing against Reading this weekend? Mind boggling, no?

I'm running offside at the moment, but to Rafa's credit (which I give sparingly) he did make the finest buy, in Fernando Torres, during the summertime. He (already) and Steven Gerrard compile LIVERPOOL FC at the moment. I also cannot forget Harry Kewell, who is playing for his future at Liverpool FC at the moment, after being out due to injury since the World Cup. Right now he's showing his worth through and through. I cannot see anyone else on the payroll who could take over that left flank position the way he has. If you can, comment on this post and we'll discuss.

P.S. I really hope we pull AC Milan (those crooked bastardos) in the next round.