Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Scoop (Rumour Mill)

You heard it here first! Rodrigo Palacio is will be trading the waters of Buenos Aires for the waters of Barcelona next season. (No link yet) I rate this player very highly. He scores goals. That is all he does. Score goals. I cannot wait to see how he settles in Europe.
He has been linked with the likes of Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid, and Barcelona in the past. Boca has even turned down a £ 12.7m offer from Barcelona. Boca's President, Mauricio Macri said, "For Palacio, we will have to receive the biggest offer in the world because for me he is the best forward in Argentina."
It seems Barcelona will land the goal poacher in the end.

Barcelona may also land a cut price Arjen Robben from Chelsea too.

Looks as if Gilberto Silva may be playing in in Black and White next year.


Jordan said...

That will be a massive loss to Arsenal as Gilberto has proven to be a more capable leader and captain than Titi Henry

Glendon said...

True dat!
This isn't the first I've heard of this move taking place though either. It seems to have some legs.

AdeyKop said...

I dont think he is going anywhere expect they get Yaya Toure