Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Can someone explain to McStupid

Which central midfield pairing do you think would best serve England during the remainder of qualifying for Euro 2008?

Lampard & Gerrard

Hargreaves & Lampard

Gerrard & Hargreaves


Glendon said...

I'm definitely in the 78 percentile. How do you sit a healthy Hargreaves and replace him with Downing?

Jordan said...

well unless Joe Cole is back to take away the pain on the left side you need a natural left sided player because Aaron Lennon on the left was horrid. Now is Downing the answer on the left side?? No way. He is an EPL player who has no clue on the international scene. He plays like he is scared. Richardson is better than him in my opinion even though very stupid with his decisions sometimes but he plays better on the left than Downing. Also why will you sacrifice the holding back for a left winger? We all know he doesn't have the balls to drop Lamps or Gerrard.

Well he is lucky now because for some calous reason Lamps is being reported injured. Hmmm!

AdeyKop said...

Thank God for that... Then again England are playing Andorra, which continent are they again?? I heard Rooney makes more than their 22 squad members and couching staff.

We have a tough job on our hands tonight... trying to break them down.. Are you guys as excited as i am looking forward to a classic game.

Jordan said...

I am always excited to watch England play. I hope they win by just one goal, so McStupid will be on fire...

Glendon said...

I will not be able to do the Live Coverage of France v Austria tonight as I said earlier. I'm going to the match! €18 per ticket, fookin' fuggedabowdit! I'm in there like swimwear!