Saturday, March 31, 2007

Liverpool 4 - 1 Arsenal

Liverpool's resident radio tower, Peter Crouch bagged the hat trick today! He had this to say,

"You don't care how they come but it was a nice hat-trick, I'm pleased
with it.

There was fantastic service. Up there on my own I had Stevie (Gerrard) around me. Sometimes you are a bit isolated but that wasn't the case today at all, my team-mates got round me and it makes it easier.
Today it was pleasing for us to get four goals and beat a class side. The manager let us
know beforehand we've had some disappointing results against Arsenal this season."


Jordan Oye Oyediran said...

I saw the match live on PPV... Liverfool looked the interested of the two sides. Take nothing away from Peter Crouch's goals they were all deserving. First with the right foot, second a beauty of a header and the third a bit of skill on the ball and a left footed strike. I was quite impressed.

Glendon said...

Unfortunately I couldn't see it here. I just watched the Coupe de la Ligue finale between Lyon and Bordeaux. It was awful. Bordeaux snatched the win with a lovely hearder off a corner kick. Other than that, it was AWFUL. Fouls all over the place. Faking injuries. Smacking the opposition in the face. Just piss poor.

Jordan Oye Oyediran said...

Frenchies at their best... LOL

AdeyKop said...

A friend of mine say Liverpool should thank their lucky star beating a patch up Arsenal team, I had to remind the fool quicky that, Finnan, Hyppia, Risse, Sissoko, Kewell, Bellamy, Kuyt, were non starters, some folks cant just say congratulations, you did well today, they have to find excuses.... oh well, seem like everytime Liverpool wins Liverpool got lucky. MF