Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Scoop

So, now we have Franck Ribery joining Arsenal, Bayern Munich (which seemed to be wrapped earlier this week) but now, he is linked with Real Madrid with this pictures' caption. I thought pictures, at least, were in the business of news and not opinion? I should have known better than that though.

I can put this breaking news in one five words. Roy Kean wants Diego Forlan. I say get him! I'm really looking forward to Sunderland in the the Premiership next year. Yes he did have a dodgey year at Manchester United. On the other hand he earned La Pachichi (where I learned how brilliant Hugo Sanchez was in his time) in Spain the following year with 25 golasos the following year. If he's with you Roy, take him. I bet it will pay off, I mean Christ, he's still only 28! I suppose that was more than five words, but you get the point. He's also looking to beef up his midfield with Paul Scholes for £2M. I bet they will end up in the top 10 next year.

Sammy Lee...tells Sir Alex come and get...Nichie

Real Madrid are making a fresh bid for Chelsea's Arjen Robben.

Middlesbrough are set to take Jeremie Aliadiere off of Arsenal's hands.