Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dead Man Walking?

Yet again, we lost two points we should have secured against a fine side in Aston Villa.
Liverpool 2 - 2 Aston Villa

There are alot of issues going on with my team and they were on full display tonight. Starting with our Captain, Steven Gerrard and then the fans.

I have a gut feeling that the George Gillette and Tom Hicks went into this deal with the Great British Pound gleaming in their eyes and they did not realize the much greater issue at hand, which are the fans and the tradition of English football.

A football team in England does not have the same meaning or non-meaning as a football/baseball/basketball/hockey team in America. In England, the football team identifies the community. It identifies generations of family and roots in ones community along with ones family lineage in that particular community and neighborhood.

In America the sports team means nothing more than your city. It's rather frivolous in my experience. The passion involved depends upon the performance of ones team. For example, the Detroit Tigers were complete rubbish 5 years ago and nobody attended the games, now they are one of the finest MLB teams and every game is sold out. I believe the majority of Americans are 'fair weather fans' all in all. It goes hand in hand with media hype. I see that in Miami, (although it's not known as a sports town) New York City (which is hard to distinguish because there are die hard NY Yankees fans and Die Hard NY Mets fans.) The neighborhood identity is just not here in America as it is too large. Of course we have our individual teams to support. We also have many other sports which dilute our generous focus.

I'll tell you with 100% confidence that a person who lives in Liverpool are either Everton or Liverpool FC. There is no doubt. I think the area involved is really the mean to judge the feeling and tradition involved in Football.

We just don't have it in America. It's too big. Therefore we miss out on something very special.

Back to George Gillette and Tom Hicks...either they should examine their 'Due Diligence' team or they just didn't give a shit. I have a feeling that both are equally involved in this unpleasant matter, and both have now built a large role in building their own major obstacle. I don't really see any other option than selling the club to Dubai International Capital (DIC) right now. I guess it's only a matter of the money exchanged. They (Gillette and Hicks) cannot and will not be accepted as the owners of the club.

What will happen from here onward? Your guess is as good as mine. If Hicks and Gillette bought our beloved club on a whim with a quick pound in mind during a downward cycle in the American economy, then shame on them. As I said before, this is no way to make money. No doubt, business as usual on their side.