Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

We, the editors at Football Roundtable would like to extend a wish of a fantastic year to come to all of our readers. Let's hope for Liverpool to turn things around (this is my personal wish this new year...not to be confused with others on this site!) Oh yeah, this is our 501 post! Not a bad way to start the new year. Maybe we can double our entries this year? It's a goal (the pun was fully intended and admittedly poor, but I couldn't pass it up?)


bet on football said...

Who will win the premiership in 2008? Personally, I think it is always going to be between the big four and even after the round when they all played each other its not really much clearer who is gonna win it... Its tighter than a ducks arse between the top 4 this season and the “Grand Slam Sunday Round” proved this. personally i would love to see liverpool win it this year - not that im a scouser, its just the underdog always holds a place in my heart. I scooped quite a big prize after my football betting antics at when Liverpool lost to Man U, and despite betting against Liverpool, i wouldn’t count them out as outright winners just yet. i don't think i am brave enough to be betting on the outcome of the eventual premier league winner just yet :) Anyone who has been brave enough to put a bet on football by trying to guess the outright winner in 2008 please let me know your predictions and rationale... Thanks