Monday, February 18, 2008

Yes, I'll Give it to YA!

I'll give it to ya' in big, black, bold font as well. Liverpool, nay scratch that, Barsley 2 – 1 Liverpool

I said it a long time ago, Rafael Benitez has reached his pinnacle with Liverpool. He has been surplus to requirements since last summer when he grew the dodgey facial hair! That should have been our spot on tactical notice that he was not the same person he once was.I usually would never publicly discuss my feeling on my team's dirty laundry, but most of you know how I have felt about Rafa since his first day. I'll say he's a good man, and somehow brought another Champions League trophy to our cabinet, but he's done NOTHING since. He's a man to 'steady the ship' not a man to 'Capitan the Ship' in Seaman's terms.

Yes, he did woo Fernando Torres, but he'll stay no matter what (he's under a 4 year contract for one). I just hope our next gaffer can handle his business? Rafael cannot split the personal and business aspect of the job. Therefore, time to go. Although, 6 months late.