Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen, mark your calendar with a red pencil, no a red pen, actually, no, make that a red Sharpie!

NOVEMBER 6, 2007

"Why on earth would I mark my precious calendar with all my dates and appointments on it with a red Sharpie?" you may ask yourself? Well, let me tell you why.

Liverpool have matched, equalled, and surpassed the UEFA Champions League record for most goals in a Champions League match. Arsenal had equalled the previous record a few weeks ago with a 7 - 1 victory over Slavia Prague (previously held by Juve from 2003.) They did not surpass it though. Today, however, our boys in red showed that we deserve to be in this grand competition. I'll be the first to admit that we haven't displayed it until today. In the recent matches we looked like a lost dog searching out his master. Perhaps today we found the stone that had yet to be overturned? Hell I'll admit we haven't displayed ANYTHING until today. Nevertheless, we'll find out against Porto next. If I was Portuguese, and a Porto supporter (are you reading this Raquele ;o), I would get your rosary out right about now and start praying to the Lord that we don't pull Yossi Benayoun out of the cage and release him on ya!

On another note, I bet the falafel was flying mosque to mountain to madrassa when our Israeli bagged a hat-trick on them! Oh, I can only imagine the flag burning going on in Turkey tonight. If Liverpool whipped them like they did tonight in Turkey, they would have had to have been air lifted out of Istanbul! I'm just sayin'...

I can only say, "Nice one Yossi, nice one!" Now, go grab a Doner Kebab and celebrate with a yogurt drink!