Thursday, October 25, 2007

Harry isn't having it

Under-fire Tottenham Hotspur manager Martin Jol would be "better off without" Dimitar Berbatov, according to Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp.

The Bulgarian striker made a big impact in his debut season at White Hart Lane last season, scoring 23 goals.

But Spurs' poor start to the new campaign has left Jol on the brink of unemployment and, Redknapp says, brought out the worst in Berbatov.

The former Bayer Leverkusen striker appeared reluctant to come on as a substitute in the Londoners' 3-1 defeat at Newcastle United on Monday, and Redknapp is clear in his stance.


"The very last thing Martin Jol needs right now is Dimitar Berbatov spitting his dummy out because he's not in Tottenham's starting team every week," Redknapp said in his column in the Sun.

"You only find out the true character of your players when the chips are down and the pressure is on.

"And we all saw what Berbatov is made of when he was sat sulking on the bench at Newcastle the other night with a face like a big baby.

"Everyone knows what a terrific player the Bulgarian can be. But he's not the striker he was a year ago and, from what I've seen, he looks to be disinterested and playing for himself rather than his team.

"His attitude is terrible and his behaviour at St James' Park sent out all the wrong signals."


The 26-year-old front man had been linked with a move to Old Trafford over the summer, but Redknapp believes Berbatov has blown any chance of a transfer to the champions now.

"Maybe he's sulking because he didn't get a move to Manchester United in the summer," Redknapp added.

"But he's done himself absolutely no favours on that account because I know for a fact Alex Ferguson would never stand for any player who behaves the way Berbatov has done this week.

"When your team is in trouble you need the big characters to stand up.

"That's just what Robbie Keane has done for Spurs and Berbatov should show the same attitude. I have always believed that when you lose a player's support you get him out as quickly as possible.

"No matter how good, you're better off without him."

Spurs play Getafe in the Uefa Cup on Thursday evening and it will be interesting to see if Jol heeds Redknapp's words.


The Gaffer said...

Harry Rednose does have a bloody point but I am not so sold on the fact that he can't still make the move to Old Trafford. SAF will straighten him up overthere and he would join the Dwight Yorke path quickly...

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